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Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Stinking Rose: GARLIC

What is there not to love about garlic?

If you are a vampire then you might have some problems with it but with time you will probably get over it.

Roasted garlic turns into to this wonderful sweet flavorful paste as you witnessed yesterday. Fresh bread, garlic paste, brie and a little slice of apple...
mmmm good!

Simple and easy is what makes garlic so much fun to work with.

I find that it "layers" the dish. Meaning as you pick out the various flavors, garlic if used in good measure delights the senses.

Staying with our "fresh" theme, my goal is to suggest recipes that use as many garden items as possible. I know that fresh tomato season is coming to an end and may be hard to find, but if you canned some of your fruit you can give this recipe a go.

Fresh Tomato Sauce

More garlic than you think, sautéed in a good bit of olive oil until light golden.

Add chopped fresh tomatoes, a pinch of salt, and a little marjoram.

Let simmer down to sauce consistency, add fresh basil and taste for salt.
(J. Theroux)

No exact measurements are given on purpose. I encourage you to get involved with cooking your food intuitively. I know it may sound funny or even feel a bit awkward but if you take the time to grow it enjoy it to its fullest!

Remember to have fun and don't forget to taste along the way.



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