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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Syllabus Change

When we next meet, March 3rd, we will do the topic postulated for March 10th - CA Natives will be pushed back to March 10, seeds will be brought forward to March 3rd.  

Hope this doesn't upset anyone, but our curriculum will flow better as things stand now in the Learning Garden.

Thank you for understanding - I'll see you on the third!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Received In The Mail!

SBN: 9781603584821
Year Added to Catalog: 2012
Book Format: Hardcover
Book Art: B&W Illustrations
Supposedly to be published at the end of March, last night's mail brought this book, The Grafter's Handbook by R. J. Garner, to my library.  I have a copy of the last printing, from some time around the turn of the century, but it has been out of print for several years.  

When I teach grafting, this is the book I turn to each and every time.  Newer books have prettier pictures, but invariably, they stream-line the variety of grafts to only the 'most useful' or the 'common.'  This book goes through all of the specialized grafts one could use to save, for example, an older specimen plant when it's been girdled or has a soil borne problem.  This book takes us from the 'science' of grafting, into the art in a way no other book has even tried.  

This book will now return to the 'required' list for future classes after being listed only as "recommended" for the past three or four years while it was not easily available and/or exorbitantly expensive.  My gratitude to Chelsea Green Publishing is boundless for reprinting this valuable volume.  I hope they sell out and have to reprint more - it is this kind of deep knowledge that is so marginalized by our disposable society that we must preserve - and Chelsea Green is one of a very small number of companies that has stepped up to the plate to see that we don't loose this knowledge.  Their catalog is veritable wish list, I either own the book or I surely would LOVE to own the book as you tick down their catalog list.  

Open a new browser window now to the Chelsea Green website and order your fresh-off-the-press copy today.  


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

No Learning Garden This Friday

The Learning Garden will be closed this coming Friday - so NO POTLUCK.... :-( 

Catch us next week!


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