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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Backwards Beekeepers Meeting, December 20th

A honey be (Apis mellifera) visits a flowering broccoli in The Learning Garden sometime last January.  The Unified School District does not allow bee hives to be kept on campus, but we know that someone near our Garden is harvesting lots of very good honey!  

The Backwards Beekeepers meeting is tomorrow, December 20th, at FarmLab in downtown Los Angeles.

I have been to meetings of the Backwards Beekeepers and I enjoy their conservation methods (don't destroy wild hives, turn them into 'tame' hives that someone tends!) and their advocacy for low chemical beekeeping.  If you have an interest in beekeeping, follow the link and show up!  I might be there, I think Sean will be there.  It would be a lovely way to spend a Sunday!  Hope some of you can make it out!


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