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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Some Notes on Sexual and Asexual Propagation

Asexual propagation involves the use of seeds. You may use hybrid seed or open-pollinated seeds, once that variety has been in production for over 50 years, they are called heirloom seeds.

To sow seeds you will need a potting mix, a container and a watering device. Oh, and light.

Asexual propagation is any other way you can get ‘baby’ plants. Under this broad generalization, we include;

dividing bulbs
air layering

To do these things, you need a spade (with a sharp edge), some knives, pruners, potting mix, a watering device, and, preferably some kind of root stimulant.


First Aid kit is on top of the refrigerator!

TOOLS: File, sharp spade or shovel
Pruning saw

Organic fungicide = sulfur

Bulbs, Corms, Rhizomes and Tubers we have in the Garden you may work with include:
Iris all members of this family
Daffodils & freesia (later in the season – they are actively growing now)
Saffron crocus
Bamboo – several species

Most herbaceous perennials are easy to propagate by some form of division. Some common ones we can try in the Garden include:
All chrysanthemums (including Shasta Daisy)

Cacti and succulents

The olive tree and western sycamore trees have sucker growth that might be propagated.

You may divide almost any plant in the Garden AFTER CHECKING WITH ME. If you divide the artichoke, rhubarb or any of the succulents, I want to be with you.
    Pests and Diseases
including Dampening off
Fungus gnats


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