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Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Few Videos on Grafting

The Saddle Graft

It sounds like he is talking about a 'subtle' graft, but he's English and so he is saying 'SADDLE' graft:

Still its a lovely English video on grafting.

And, quite nicely, he follows up in this video.

A Whip and Tongue Graft

A little more complicated, but once you master this one, it's a very solid graft. And it too is followed up, in this YouTube video.

A Clef Graft

While we saw this on our field trip to California Rare Fruit Growers this is a good reference. Another one here. And while he 'works the wax' until it's soft, I don't. I find the wax difficult to 'work.' You can see his results here.

Chip Budding

While I prefer a T-Bud, he shows a chip bud, which is a similar process and done at the same time of year, same reasons. Most of us won't get a perfect match like that on one try!


A couple laid back (howdy!) Americans, have a video on T-budding here. Not nearly as straight-forward as the Brit! But the photography is really good when he gets to the cutting.

Rain or shine, we'll meet every class - we need every scheduled hour of class time. On the 21st, Katarina Ericksen will be guest lecturing, on the 28th, I'll be doing California Natives. March 7th, I will try to get one of the speakers from the field trip to come in and work with us on our last two grafts - each student this year will get to try THREE grafts! (All apple, that's all the root stock I have.) So, the syllabus has been changed a little; that last meeting will not be as laid back as I had thought. We have a lot of material to cut and play with before March 7th.


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