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Friday, August 12, 2011

Field Trip to John T. Lyle Center, Saturday August 13th

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Our last class field trip is this Saturday, 9:30 AM, at the John T. Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies, 4105 West University Drive, Pomona CA 91768, phone: 909.869.5155.  This is an inspiring site tying a lot of what we have been talking about all quarter into one stupendous array of buildings, technologies, gardens and design features, pointing to the way to a manner of sustainable living that can be replicated far and wide.   I think this is an exceptional venue for our class to meet and hope you will all make it. 

Remember:  Next week's meeting will be at the usual time but held at The Learning Garden.  Be prepared to turn in your projects - I will accept them until midnight if submitted via email.  Please send your projects to my email only - Orchid and I will meet for grading, so once is enough!  It will be a potluck, with something you have made being preferred, but we do understand the vagaries of modern life and we aren't grading your dish. We will want to tie together the course and explore what will be next on your agenda as you continue in your gardening and sustainability quest.

I'll have my cell phone if you need help getting to the site.


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