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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Potluck/Last Day of Class

If the winds have not blown you clean away, our last class meeting is this coming Sunday.  It will be short lecture and potluck.  Please have both your papers (plant paper and your journal) to turn in.  I will accept submissions electronically until midnight without penalty.  It is my intention to have your grades posted online within a seven day window. 

For potluck, bring your own plate and service ware, I'll make coffee and tea. (Let's hope the wind dies down by then!)  Local and home made are always preferred, but we all live busy lives, so there is no hard and fast rule.

You have been sent a link by Extension to do a course evaluation.  Please go to the link and fill out the form.  I use these forms to improve the course - I read them and take them seriously.  It is your chance to impact how this course is taught and what is taught in it.  I would be grateful if you would fill the form out with an eye towards making it a better course.  If you have criticism of the course, or me, what could be done to improve the course, or me?  I appreciate your comments.  

And, nothing to do with my evaluations - this has been a great class!  I'm grateful to have had the chance to interact with all of you.  You were magnificent in asking questions and drawing out what you wanted to learn!  Thank you for being such inquisitive students and a great group of people!  It would please me to see any of you in any class I teach in the coming terms!


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