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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Facebook Group

To the students and fans of Modern Backyard Food Production:  

There is now a Facebook 'group' page for this and the other classes I teach.  Please direct your browser over to Facebook and sign up for it.  I hope it becomes a way to facilitate information being shared from person to person and to enhance our learning experience in all the classes I teach.  

Please note: if you are NOT a Facebook fan (I wasn't for a very long time), there will be NO information required for the class that is not posted here.  Facebook has the online social networking covered, and while we could do something like that with Bling, using Facebook is the easier, and more robust, solution.  

Data needed for the course, will posted here first, if I am the originator - if anything posted by someone else on Facebook has an impact on the course, then I will repost it here in the blog.  There should be - I hope - considerable overlap.


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