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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weather Or Not!

Our sunshine and balmy weather has deserted us (finally)  this weekend. Because we don't have the possibility of make up days, we must meet today - please dress for foul and cool weather. I have an indoor classroom if we need it to get us through the day, but, no matter what, we will have to face whatever nature throws at us and by all accounts right now, there is 50% chance of rain increasing to 70% chance as evening comes on.  We cannot work with bees if it's raining, so I've got an alternate lecture coming along.

Having said that, we have really good rain-karma, most events that have been rain threatened have had the rain stop right as we started and begin again just after we've finished.  But I want to cover all bases.

Those of you who washed your car this last week, thank you for bringing on the rain...


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