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Monday, May 6, 2013

LA River Field Trip for May 11

Saturday is our field trip to the LA River.  We are going to a place on the river near Glendale.  The main reason to spend this time at the river is to acquaint ourselves with this tremendous resource that has been alternately abused and neglected; sometimes abused with neglect, sometimes just abused and sometimes just neglected.  Discussions abound about what to do with the river and I hope we take a few minutes to speculate about what the LA River could be like and how it could be a resource again; preferably ecologically so.  The Los Angeles River, unique among American rivers has one of the most precipitous drops in elevation in its 57 mile run to the ocean - AND it does so with a major population center sitting on its banks.

We inhabit LA largely because of this river.  We have disdained it and feared.  It would stand us all in much better stead to become at least familiar with it and perhaps even come to appreciate, if not love, it.

The address is 3900 Chevy Chase Drive, Los Angeles, 90039.

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This site is a little 'fun' to find - leave early with a Google map on your dash.  


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