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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Greener Gardens: Site Analysis Homework

On your selected site, find at least the following: 

Distance to Geographic Features - Use Google Maps, Google Earth, or a map and a ruler.  
Plant Community
Soil Type
Water Source 
You may add any of the other constraints listed in class. 

Watershed - can be found here: 
Plant Community - can be found here: 
Slope  - Slope can be expressed in either in degrees, percentage or ratio. If in degrees, horizontal is 0 degrees, vertical is 90 degrees. Percentage is accomplished by measuring inches of fall in 100 inches. 2 inches of fall (measured downward from a level string) in 100 inches is 2% fall (or 2 cm of fall in 1 meter). Ratio is generally expressed in rise:run, so a 1:1 slope is one foot of rise to one foot of run. Rise is height, run is distance. A 1:1 slope is 45 degrees. Percentage is easiest for gentle slopes. 
Aspect - Which way does the slope face? If no slope, which way does the lot face?

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