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Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall 2014 Class Schedule

I have the class schedule completed and will post our syllabus sometime tomorrow.  

Course Schedule:

05 October
Introduction/Seed Starting
12 October
Plot Assignment/SLOLA/Soils/Water/Light in Urban Gardens
19 October
12 Points to a Better Garden/Garden Tour/Tools/Varietals
26 October
Planting/Sheet composting Timing and Design/
02 November
09 November
Sustainability and Food Issues in Modern America/Supplies/Sources/Annuals/
16 November
Planting/Companions/Crop Rotation in a Small Garden/ Chicken Raising Sherilyn Powell-Wolf
23 November
Perennials/Bulbs as a part of your food supply/Beekeeping
07 December
Home orchard/Vines
14 December

Planning for Continuous Harvests/Potluck

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