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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Notes for Bees

1:00 Learning Garden – intro lecture
2:00 Bee Field trip
3:00 Snack time
3:20 Gardening
5:00 Dismissed  

Why are bees important to us?
Pollination – 3 out of every 5 bites
Honey bees are not native to the Americas
Mason Orchard bee

Africanized Bees – African genes are spread throughout the population of all wild bees in the warmer portions of the US – however, these genes are not all bad... they can be more aggressive, but they are also harder workers and more productive – all bees can be aggressive

Colony Collapse Disorder - since at least 2006Why?
Varroa mite
Industrial beekeeping
Shipping bees for pollinators
Or we just don't know...

Bee Losses from CCD
Future of the honey bee
Urban beekeeping

Introduction to practical beekeeping:

Equipment you need:
        Bee suit - covers your entire body except your hands
        Gloves - vented with sealable gauntlets 
        Veil - some have helmet inside; others you need a helmet with
I suggest purchasing these at LA Honey where you can try them on and get items that fit you. If I had purchased these items online, I would not have gotten the correct size.
Hive tool
Rags (some wet) (honey is sticky!)
Epi pen
Hive box(es) and frames
Couple of good books and a mentor


Los Angeles Honey Co
Address: 1559 Fishburn Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90063
Phone:(323) 264-2383

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