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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Upcoming Schedule Notes Plus NEW Scionwood!!!

Just a reminder that we are meeting for our 'field trip' to the California Rare Fruit Growers this coming Saturday (the 14th).  The meeting is from 10 to noon at the Veterans Memorial Building, the south west corner of Overland Avenue and Culver Blvd. Lot's of free parking.  Sorry it's on Valentine's Day, but I don't get to choose what days they meet.  
This is totally worth the time you'll spend. This organization is one of a select few that I support with my membership - I've learned so much in these meetings and I hope you do too!  

Sadly, I am being forced to change the syllabus in a manner that is less than optimum. When we meet on the 22nd, we are scheduled to do grafting, which makes sense having just come from the CRFG's scion exchange, but I have learned that my rootstock order will not come in until after the 22nd, so we will flip the syllabus schedule:  we will do seeding on the 22 and grafting on March 1st.  It is not ideal, but that's the deck we have to play with.  

I have scions for some choice apples this year, including, at present, Gordon, an old fashioned apple that is hard to find these days (one of the first of the Southern California apples) and White Pearmain (storage apple from England in the 1600's -unless you LOVE sour, this is not an apple to eat off the tree!).  I am ordering three rootstocks per student - this means, if you wish, you can graft up to 3 apple trees! You will be allowed to take one of your own grafts home.


PS THIS JUST IN!!  Big Horse Creek Farm is shipping a dozen 'warm season' varieties to us from the East Coast!  These are warm season varieties in their world - man of these have never been tried on the west coast.  This will be a wonderful opportunity for us to perhaps discover varieties that have never been tried here and might be a whole new discovery.  I've got to work out how we will use these valuable scions, I'll will post the list of them on this blog soon - you'll need to look up Big Horse Creek Farm's website to get the descriptions

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