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Thursday, July 27, 2017

2nd Field Trip - The Lyle Center

Note:  The drive out there always takes longer than you think it will - this trip will be further congested by the fact the Dodgers are playing a home game at 1:00 PM  Try to avoid downtown LA however you can!  

For a preview of the Lyle Center, you can go here.


After we finish our tour of the site, we will go down the hill to the "Farm Store" and get a bite to eat before heading back.  This has always been a point for some good conversation and sometimes even some "off the record" instructor talk.

On our way out, the Dodger game is scheduled to start at 1:00.  LA Dodger fans are known for being late (and leaving early) which means, downtown LA might be something you ought to consider avoiding. 

The way I'd suggest to do that, is to go north into the Valley (on the 405N) and take the 101 E to the 134 E to the 210 E and exit to the 57 S. Going south to the 60 or the 105, I have found to be deadly slow. 

Coming from Orange County, if the 57 is close to you, take that all way to our site.

Please note that depending on the game, the Dodgers might just be letting out so continue to avoid downtown LA. Unless we hear otherwise.  Reverse the above directions to get home. 

Remember our final field trip is next week!  

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