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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Class Tomorrow, June 07, 2010

Just a quick reminder that our coming class meeting, tomorrow evening at 6:30, will be held at The Learning Garden.  It is a potluck so bring a yummy to share with all our class members.  

The address to The Learning Garden is 13000 Venice Blvd. LA, 90066 - however, it is more accurate to say we are at the intersection of Walgrove Avenue and Venice Blvd - the south east corner.  Our entrance is on Walgrove, the first gate south of Venice Blvd.  It will be closed as I have a new dog and he has the 'Magellan Gene' and I don't like trying to track him down in the neighborhood - especially as he has a proven desire to head off to Venice Blvd!. 

Use my cellphone number if you have any questions.  We are bus accessible, Santa Monica Line 2 and MTA Line 33 and 333.  No rail yet.


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