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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Field Trip to John T. Lyle Center, Saturday June 12th

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Our last class meeting is this Saturday at the John T. Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies, 4105 West University Drive, Pomona CA 91768, phone: 909.869.5155.  This is an inspiring site tying a lot of what we have been talking about all quarter into one stupendous array of buildings, technologies, gardens and design features, pointing to the way to a manner of sustainable living that can be replicated far and wide.  Juan Araya, a lecturer at the center will be leading our tour - and this is a real treat because I don't think many know the center like Juan, nor can they speak with the authority and purpose that Juan does.  I've been here three times, and I'm excited to be on the tour.

Remember:  this will be your last day to turn in projects or papers.  At midnight (Saturday to Sunday), you drop one full letter grade; you can almost watch your projects turning into little pumpkins.  

I'll have my cell phone if you need help getting to the site.


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  1. We will meet at Lyle Center at 9:00 - the field trip is listed as going to noon. Those who have time might want to picnic with food from the farm store at the foot of the hill - or bring your own and join in there.


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