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Monday, August 20, 2012

More On The LA River & Other Notes

Here we are on our own river Adventure, Mia, and possibly others hiding behind Orchid's hat:  

Pretty good looking class if I say so myself.

At the same time, this was happening just upstream from us, I found this blog article interesting and it makes me want to do the kayaking thing sooner rather than later.

Also FoLAR - Friends of the Los Angeles River - be aware that when you visit their page, a duck comes on and quacks at you - could prove embarrassing on the office computer:

To go out on the river,, they say they are 'sold out' and the waiting list is full, but when I signed up for their email notices, the first one said I might be able to get in... just a little ambiguity there...

This coming class on Tuesday (the 21st) Orchid and I will spend time answering questions about projects for the course and outline our final meetings.  Please come with ideas for a project.  Remember, we want you to expand and explore sustainability in the areas that excite you.  We want a little reach to explore new ideas and to expose yourself to a challenge.  We do not want you to undertake to rewrite the Federal Tax Code to make it encourage sustainable practices, although there would be extra-credit if you did (double extra credit if you can do it with a 12 point font under five pages!).  

PROJECTS ARE DUE BEFORE MIDNIGHT OF OUR LAST CLASS (if you are emailing them... hand delivered projects are due at the last class meeting)... I hope that's clear.  

Program note:  Our last meeting will NOT be at UCLA.  We will meet at our regular time at The Learning Garden for a potluck...   Shine up your tastebuds!


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