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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Meeting Today And Other Notes

Arnold, the gentleman at the California Rare Fruit Growers who did most of the demonstration work for us, has invited the class to his orchard in Malibu to see his grafted fruit and talk to us about his perspectives on grafting and budding trees.  You already know that he and I disagree on many points, BUT, this is where the art comes in and I'm fine with you doing whatever to get the results we want. Today, I would like to vote on setting up a field trip or just continuing with our syllabus.  

We had talked about meeting at 1:00 for a few weeks to clear up our missed hours when I was sick and it was raining cats and dogs.  If we do the field trip, we could clear that in one fell swoop and that would be a nice clean finish.  We'll talk about that today - arrive at the normal 1:30 and we'll set this straight. 

Today we will NOT be grafting for real - leave your scion wood in the fridge.  The rootstock is stuck on the other side of a very cold front and cannot be shipped.  They are talking about shipping next week and they know that my order is for a class and is on the top of the stack.  And I call them every other day and sob on the phone.  We'll get it soon - no one likes to hear a man cry.

I'm packing the day with fun stuff... Wear your rubber booties for tramping through the garden today.


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