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Friday, February 10, 2017

Notes for this weekend:

On Saturday:  
1.  Meet this AM at the Veteran's Memorial Building in Culver City (corner of Overland Blvd and Culver Blvd) 4117 Overland Ave, Culver City, CA 90230 - get there a little early because we don't know which room it is and there are something like 4 choices for a crowd as large as ours. 
2.  Please be a part of the crowd - we are their guests, let us be guests and wait until it's our turn to pick out scion wood - do not take more than you can use.  Remember to bring a black Sharpie, plastic bags and some means to take notes.  If you have wood to share, let the registrar know when you arrive.
3.  At noon, I HAVE to leave.  Please email a question later.

On Sunday
1.  Our class meets from 1 to 4 today.  Again, I have to leave at 4 and cannot dally.

2.  We will take our first stab (ha ha) at grafting.  If you have a knife, bring it.  If you don't yet, you may use one of mine.  The knives we ordered are still not here. 
3.  We will not actually graft - what we will do will be a lot more like whittling. 
4.  When we are done with a project - please help with cleaning up your mess.  There are iris parts left helter skelter around the garden from last week.  
5.  Please note that Katarina Erickson will speak to us on Week 9 (05 March) rather than the week before.  If I get the plant material I want, we will do the California Native Plant section in Week 8 (26 Feb).

Lecture: California Native Propagation
Demonstration: Fire scarification of a California native
Practical: Transplanting seedlings
Lecture: Propagating ornamentals; Katarina Ericksen
Demonstration: Ornamental propagation
Practical: Propagating something unusual.

Hope this is all clear.  I'm always jazzed for the Scion Exchange!  Hope to see all of you there and then again on Sunday!

I hope you're enjoying this as much as I am!


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