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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

This Sunday We Have A Quiz

If you're not accustomed to visiting this page, this ought to change your mind. I will have a handout for this in class, you do not need to print this page.  

YOUR NAME:________________________________________ 05 February 2017 (Winter 2017)

Six Questions, varying points per questions, total 10 points. Simply answer the question - brevity is an under-appreciated quality.

  1. (1 pt) If a student should cut themselves, the first thing to do is to ____________________________.
  1. (1 pt) If you see someone using a knife incorrectly, what action do you take?

    3. (1 pt) A knife used for cuttings can also be used for 
  1. (2 pts) The two types of meristematic tissue we deal with the most are ________________
      _________________ .  

  1. (3 pts) Where can you find the first aid kit?

6. (2 pts) When do you call 911?  


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